The Raising Voice of Drug Offender’s Victim

There are so many kinds of drugs. We are all taking drugs, as you know it by yourself. When you are sick, you try to buy some drugs in the pharmacies because they can cure diseases. Drugs can be classified in two forms. One is legal which is acceptable and you can buy it freely on any drug stores and those who are illegal which will inflict harm to anyone. Illegal drugs are also known as the prohibited drugs which will do harm and danger to anyone’s health. Drug trafficking is rampant issue now-a-days because these kinds of drugs can be sold in much higher price. This kind of drugs is highly addictive and could destroy the lives of its victims.

In some countries and state, they are very strict in implementing their laws against illegal drugs. They know that there is a possibility that it could destroy anyone’s future. Drug addicts become abusive and can commit crimes due to unstable mental condition. Drugs can alter the person’s behavior thus he cannot think properly of their actions. Others can do stealing to buy their supplies which eventually they will do it over and over again because of lack of source. It is illegal to import, export, and sell illegal drugs. Offenses depend on the state and country where the crime is committed. Often times, they could be convicted to life imprisonment and even death penalty. Illegal drugs have different kinds of forms. Some are laboratory made such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide and phencyclidine.

drug traffickers

Cannabis or marijuana is also prohibited in some countries because this kind of plant could contribute psychological and psychological effects to human. Cannabis has chemical compounds which could promote hallucinations, euphoria and anxiety.Punishment depends on the kind of offences the person commits. Offences could be illegal drug possessions, supply, importation, production, occupier, opium related, supply of articles, inchoate and obstruction offences. You can seek the legal advice of your lawyers about the case you commit. In any state, a law is a law. If you do happen to make an offence, you should seek legal advice and help. Everyone has the right to defend themselves and legal offices are there in times you will need their expertise.If you commit drug offence, you should know the maximum penalties and sentences you will be facing. Sentences and penalty are most likely to be different in terms of the state rules and the kind of drug offences they have committed. Contact best lawyers in Melbourne for more details.

We should respect all the laws in every state. All countries prohibit using and selling of drugs in their premises, therefore, there is no place that is favorable to this kind of thing. Anyone vulnerable could be a victim of drugs. Anyone could be caught selling, using and possessing drugs could face penalties due to their actions. We know for a fact that this is the root of all evils. The moment a person uses and try this kind of thing, he is pushing himself to a misery because in the latter, the moment that he can’t supply his body with his addiction, he will be pushed to do crimes like stealing, burglary and even to do more heinous crimes.