Recent Changes in Men’s Fashion Trends

Fashion for men does not change radically and quickly as women’s fashion does. Any changes are gradual and mostly a modification of previous season’s fashion trends. The spring fashion 2012 for men is proof of this. Colors and styles are manifestations of fashions pasts but modified and given new elements, take a look:

Brasher colors

A year ago, for the spring trend for men, bold and dazzling colors appeared as accent. This year, for the spring fashion 2016 for men, the accent becomes the focus. Colors have taken a playful and stark approach with bold daring colors such as orange or tangerine, deep red, grass green, ocean blue, and of course, yellow raking center stage. Use these colors to create some custom t-shirts for yourself this year.

The contemporary double-breasted suit

The double- breasted suit is not a new fashion style. It was very popular in the 30s up to the 50s, made a comeback in the late 80s to the 90s and seemingly lost its popularity after that, except from the high-end men’s wear advocate. For the spring fashion 2016 for men, the double-breasted jacket is back but in a more modern and body flattering style. The contemporary double – breasted is designed to complement and accent the perfect male physique.

Wider, looser pants

The spring fashion 2016 for men is a move away from the slim silhouette that has dominated men’s pants style for years. Pants for this season have a more relaxed shape, with wider leg pants and full pleated fronts. Some designers were even daring enough to present baggy trousers paired with fitted jackets or tops for balance.

Predominantly white

To provide contrast to the bolder, brighter colors, white, in its entire sundry tinge is also dominating the spring fashion 2016 for men. Off-white, dirty white, bone white for jeans, tops, suits, and other men’s wear are this season’s preference for both casual and formal events.

Dress shirts with French cuffs are shirts with double cuffs that are folded back and secured either by cuff links or silk knots, also known as monkey’s fist and not with buttons. It is the dressier type of dress shirt and is the choice of the stylish and sharp dressers. Some men prefer a French cuff dress shirt to indulge their passion for cufflinks. Cufflinks are for the exclusive use of French cuff dress shirts.

French cuff dress shirts, also known as double cuffs, are supposed to be made of finer materials and moderately subtle patterns and are worn best, and in fact, only with a suit. The cuff of a French cuff dress shirt should reach the base of the wrist, and almost a half inch of cuff should show outside of the jacket sleeve when the arm is crossed to the other side. It is a more dressy and formal dress shirt than button cuff dress shirts. French cuffs, in spite of its being very formal, are also very practical. The cuffs can be doubled over and tweaked to a particular man’s arm length by securing the surfeit of cloth around the wrist with cuff links. It has been seen worn in the workplace, in the boardroom, although for simple job interviews a barrel cuff dress shirts are the preference

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